• Television
    Manorial Agent, Story of Wales, BBC/Greenbay, John Geraint

    Human League Video
    "Never Let Me Go", Casey and Ewan

    Hans Talhoffer, FightBook, Stuart Clarke, Wild Dreams/National Geographic

    Colonel Blood, The Tower, Richard Bradley, Lion Television/C4

    Governor William Bradford, History Files, Iwan Russel-Jones, BBC

  • Film
    Postman, Old Age Zombies, Tudor Films, Craig T. James

    Older Ben,
    Between Viewings, Raphael Biss, IFSW

    Ifan Driscoll, 'Untitled', Shaun Troke, Shaunywa Films

    Tim Speck,
    Molly & 40, Josh Bamford, IFSW

    Tavernkeeper, Ironclad, Johnathan English, Runnymede Productions
  • Voice Over
    Poser 8/Pro 2010 Video training, Colin Boyd, Infinite Skills Canada

    Lenny, HICK! animation, Jess Herman

    Oxford Ocelot radio spot, Brendan Bourke, Sonic Surgery

    Jewellers radio spot, Brendan Bourke, Sonic Surgery

    Axiron, Star Tigers, Stuart Palmer, Altered Vistas
  • Museum Theatre
    John Hampden, Aylesbury Show, Johnathon Salway, Stunt Action Specialists

    Aneurin Bevan, Royal College of Physicians, Past Pleasures

    George Eliot, The George Eliot Collection, Richard Talbot, Triangle Theatre/Herbert Gallery

    Oliver Cromwell, The Last Days of Charles 1st, Past Pleasures

    Benjamin Franklin, Happy Birthday, Ben Franklin, Past Pleasures/American Museum
  • Training
    Recent training includes:
    THE MEISNER TECHNIQUE, 10 day intensive course with Scott Williams/Living Pictures
    THE ACTOR'S CUT, Scottish Actor's Studio, Andrew Byatt
    COMEDY IMPROVISATION, Equity Recharge Training, Rob Hitchmough
    STAND-UP COMEDY, Equity Recharge Training, Rob Hitchmough
    ACTING FOR THE CAMERA, Equity Recharge, Eryl Huws Phillips
    AUDITION TECHNIQUE, Equity Recharge, Dave Bond
    CARTOON VOICES, Equity Recharge, Tom Clarke-Hill
    GETTING TO GRIPS WITH CLASSICAL TEXT, Equity Recharge, Chris Denys
    TV AND FILM CASTING SURGERY, Equity Recharge, Anji Carroll
    VOICE SPEECH AND DIALECT, Equity Recharge, Gary Owston
  • Theatre
    Clive Glynne, EVERWAKE, playARK, Mathilde Lopez